Presenting the "basics of making a mobile website" at DrupalCamp Colorado

The schedule for DrupalCamp Colorado has just been announced, and I am glad I can make the trip to Denver to present a session on Mobile Drupal. With already around 160 registered users and the persence of the Ubercart conference this will be a real interesting gathering.

Mobile strategies for Drupal

On saturday I attended my first New York DrupalCamp meeting and was able to meet some active New York Drupal community members. See the small coverage of the New York Times.

I have presented the work I am currently doing on making Drupal a mobile CMS system, and I got the chance to share my thoughts with some people of the NY Drupal community. Apparently the mobile space is still a far away space for a lot of developers (and their clients). See my slides to get a feeling of what I am doing and what to expect in the coming weeks (I am in an intensive coding mode/mood to finish this work by the end of march).

The ultimate goal is to assist the developer as much as possible to prepare his/her site for optimal mobile viewing. The slides are not showing a finished piece of Drupal work, but serve more as an introduction and source for discussion, while you expect some working stuff in the near future.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you want to share your thoughts on these slides.