Foursquare module for Drupal

This week I launched a Foursquare module for Drupal.

The launch of this module fits in a local experiment that lists several NYC based bars. This effort resulted in

Further, this twitter quote directed to me raises some serious issues that must be addressed thoroughly in the Drupal community ;)
"From @kvantomme @twom hehe, what is it with Drupal and free beer..."

The site is basically a listing of bars in NY, and the general idea can be ported to every site displaying a list of geographically tagged places. The great thing about Drupal is that this can be made without any coding!

The Foursquare module focuses on helping the developer with connecting it's users with Foursquare using OAUTH. Once your user is connected to Foursquare, you can let them check in at certain locations, view their check in information and let them connect with their friends on Foursquare...

If you are starting to use the Foursquare module, I am always happy to assist and give you some tips! It is surely a great service for building location based mobile websites!!