Metrics on Mobile web usage: who to expect on your site

AdMob released a new metrics report, focused on the usage of mobile web and devices used for accessing the mobile web:

April 2009 Mobile Metrics Report - Mobile Web vs. HTML

HTML usage means mobile devices visiting normal desktop websites, while Mobile Web means visiting mobile optimized websites (e.g.

The conclusions are interesting enough to put them on my blog and not bore you with nonr-relevant statistics :)

First of all device market share is not in line with usage of the mobile web: iPhone and Android owners surf the mobile web...

"The iPhone OS had 8% market share of handset sales in 2008, but generated 43% share of mobile Web requests in April 2009."

"Android also generated a higher percentage of mobile Web requests than its share of handsets sold. While Android had less than 1% of smartphones sold in 2008, it generated 3% of mobile Web usage."

For symbian:
"The Symbian OS had 52% market share of handset sales, but generated only 36% share of mobile Web requests in April 2009."

The summary:

The report further shows that the iPhone has a high "full web" usage where Sybmian devices almost never visit the "full web"

This and more data can be found on their complete report