Predictions for 2009

2009smallAt the end of the year I always feel the urge to look up the predictions for the coming year... Personally I feel that the mobile web is finally coming... No seriously, we are at a tipping point where consumers (professionals are already there) are finding their way to mobile internet. Of course, reasons are new (cool) devices, new (user-friendly) applications and the urge of always-on connectivity induced by the Facebooks and Netlogs of this world.

Some of the big questions are:
- what about market grow and potential
- will everybody create it's mobile site
- what technologies will be key for best user experience (widgets, web applications, GPS, NFC, accelerometers, touchscreens, HSDPA, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Iphone...)
- Will Drupal become the CMS of choice for creating multi-channel websites ;)
- Is targetted, context and location based advertising ready for the big jump
- ...

So let's start the lists. More lists are always welcome, just post it as a comment:

And some (like myself) are still asking the questions: