Start of a new technical blog

Welcome to this new Blog dealing about mobility and more specific Mobile Drupal. The blog will publish the result of one of my current consulting jobs, involving the creation of a set of tools for helping Drupal developers in making their sites mobile. The blog is an attempt to deliver a very practical approach in making mobile sites and gather some feedback from the community. I hope you won't mind that during my discourse, I will have a natural preference for using Siruna as an adaptation service... But more on this later.

Currently mobile presence gets more and more attention, and the predictions are very positive ... e.g. Smartphone growth according Gartner, but still data subscribers are not yet booming...

But what can publishers do in order to not miss the mobile boat that is certainly coming? Current development practices and development tools are strongly desktop oriented, and mobile development is rarely supported (not that surprising, giving the low penetration rate of mobile data subscriptions).
Building mobile web sites needs the understanding of new paradigms in building use cases (what functionality is relevant for for mobile users), usability (screen size, absence of mouse, touch screen), contextualization (location-based, context aware), device heterogeneity, etc ....

Better understanding will come when some pioneers deliver new successful mobile applications. This doesn't only mean iPhone application, but added-value services that run on most devices such as mobile website.

I hope you all stay tuned for some more in depth hands on experiences!