DrupalCamp NY 2009: Session notes (Mobile Drupal)

This weekend another wel organized Drupalcamp New York took place: http://groups.drupal.org/new-york-city

I could only attend half a day of the conference, but enough to see that the rest of the day would be great... For the next edition, new locations are being sought that can accommodate more Drupal enthusiasts.

At the event, Siruna was of course sponsor in an effort to support the Drupal community (of course) but also to promote Osmobi: http://www.osmobi.com

(Before your read further, head to http://www.osmobi.com, create an account and mobilize one of your drupal sites!! ;)).

I hope that in the coming days the sessions overview will be completed with links to the presentations given during the conference:

Remarkable was the effort of winston to organize the beginners sessions: http://groups.drupal.org/node/37790 If you organize a Drupal camp and need a beginners mentor. Fly him over! :)

So after the intro of Eric (http://eric.openflows.com/) on open source and drupal (with the magical quote: "Drupal is free as in kitten. It's free, but you have to take care of them"), I could kick off the Mobile Drupal presentation.

I did it un-conference style, so although I prepared 71 slides we mainly talked about Osmobi and the Mobile Tools module. I am glad to see that there is a growing interest for both modules.

For who is interested however in all the slides: here they are, all 71

Next weekend I will be talking at Drupalcamp Chicago, but I'll try to get a more hands on approach showing how to use Mobile Tools and Osmobi into more details!

To get the latest information on the modules, get in touch with me on twitter: http://twitter.com/twom

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