Creating a mobile web shop with Drupal (mcommerce)

Next to my daily efforts in creating a Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress mobilization service, i have been toying around with the creation of a mobile shop using Drupal, Ubercart, Mobile Tools and a multi-site configuration (public demo will follow soon).

Mobile commerce is gaining a lot of attention these days, and we see that more and more users try to make their Ubercart (Drupal) or VirtueMart (Joomla!) sites mobil with OSMOBI. This asks for some further study on the m-commerce drivers and the technologies available to do so.

There are several reasons why you should create a mobile web shop. First of all it has shown that during the recent Christmas holidays shoppers used their mobile phone to get in shop product information, pricing information and reviews.

See the results of this study on consumer behavior during shopping.

Mobile applications such as PriceGrabber that let's you search for products and prices on your mobile phone, ShopSavvy and RedLaser that let you scan product bar codes to find your product information are both an opportunity and threat for the merchant.

The opportunity can be found in getting your product information and prices on these platforms (and the big chains are there), but at the same time, if you are not there, you could lose in store customers.

See In-Store Shoppers with Smartphones: The New Reality for Retailers:

You could argue that every retailer on the planet is an off-balance-sheet showroom for Amazon. So if you go into a retailer’s store and you see something you like—type in that manufacturer’s SKU number and check the price on Amazon. You’ve looked at it, you’ve touched it, felt it, and now you’re getting the benefit of potentially getting the best price on it too.

Your mobile presence shows to drive new sales, but also avoid losing sales to people searching product information with your competition.

Connection with sites such as Yowza and let you get the customers attention by providing 'coupons in the neighbourhood'.

This small introduction is just the start of what the possibilities are with mobile commerce. That SMS can still be driver for this, is shown by the newly found New York based company xtify who provides an API to enable location based push messages to your customers.

During DrupalCon SFO I hope to be able to present you my findings (and the work I am currently doing) on how to build your mobile shop presence with Drupal. I will bring together a bundle of tools such as Mobile Tools, Ubercart, GEO-JS, ... to create a mobile web shop.

If you are coming or think that this subject deserves some attention please have a look at my session and cast your vote!

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