Integrating SoundCloud with Drupal (do stuff with audio within Drupal)

One of my most recent freelance projects has been the integration of SoundCloud with Drupal, and yesterday I created the first stable release of this module. The SoundCloud connect module helps module developers to easily connect with SoundCloud using OAUTH, and get access to secure SoundCloud data and services. This includes private audio files, account data, uploading songs to the users accounts, etc ...

SoundCloud in a nutshell

SoundCloud is a service that simplifies the process of receiving audio files, sending audio files and distributing your audio.

Music lovers can use this service to receive tracks from others without having to worry about file sizes, file formats, download times, etc ... And at the same time you can easily upload your songs and publish them where you want using the SoundCloud widgets. As an example:

Decks Fxs and Martini - Acid Jazz / Trip Hop / Hip Hop Mix - Joey Muniz BUMP by TheBedroomRockers

SoundCloud provides a great developers API so you can use the services provided by SoundCloud in your own applications. And these services can be very welcome! Some examples:

  • Musescore is a great (THE BEST) free music notation program that allows you to create audio files from your scores and upload them immediately to your SoundCloud account
  • 4tracks is an iPhone application that allows you to record on 4 tracks using your iPhone. It then uploads your files to SoundCloud.
  • Much more applications that use the SoundCloud API are available at ... Applications range from uploaders, music creation application, music browsing application etc ...

So now Drupal is ready to start creating new audio applications using SoundCloud.

The first application built upon the SoundCloud Connect module is a Ubercart Frontend that allows you to sell your SoundCloud songs on your own site:

The module is fairly simple to use. It allows your users to connect their account with their SoundCloud account. Once this is done, contributed module can tap into this functionality in order to start providing new functionality (like uploading, selling, ...).

I am looking forward towards new modules using the SoundCloud Connect functionality!

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